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About Personal Service

We are about real service, not lip service. Helping thousands of printers fix their broken printing presses over the past 35 years, we know it’s not just a part, it’s your business.
About Choices

We are about offering real choices. Value priced generic parts from the best parts makers in the business. And on most press lines, we offer Original Manufacture’s Equipment (OEM) parts. We will tell you how much they cost and how fast you can have them. When you do business with our business, you choose what products are best for your business.
About Value

We are about real value, offering competitive prices and easy comparison shopping. We all know, value is more than just the lowest price on a part. Value is the big picture. Best of all, our premium service is included free with every part we ship.

About Experience

We are about real experience. Twenty years putting the right part in your hand when you need it, we offer the knowledge and expertise that only comes with 12,775 working days in the business.

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