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Important Information!
After almost 100 years in business we are sad to report that Syntac closed it's doors in December 2020, and will no longer be manufacturing small offset press rollers.
We have availability from other vendors for most of the frequently ordered press rollers and we are updating our website as fast as we can with their products and prices.
Please place your order and we will let you know if there is a price change before we process your order.
If you would prefer, you can send an email to or call us at 800-330-7178 for current prices.

We strongly recommend that you order your rollers before you are in an urgent circumstance as lead times on some rollers are 8 to 10 weeks.

BEST ADVICE! While the industry tries to catch up, ORDER EARLY and SAVE YOUR CORES!
Thank you for your patience while we do our best to fill your orders as soon as humanly possible.

Cores may be required for trade in on some new roller sales.

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