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Exchange cores are required on all roller sales.

Toning? Here are some helpful hints:

Toning is mostly caused by a chemical imbalance. 

As long as all roller pressures and stripes are correct:
  1. Start by cleaning the press.
  2. Once all ink and fountain solution are off pour some ammonia on the rollers.
  3. Run for 5 minutes. 
  4. Wash the ammonia off with your roller wash.  
  5. Make fresh fountain solution using bottled water add 10% alcohol by volume. 
  6. If toning comes back add another 10% continue as needed with a max of 50%.  
    • After 50% you run a risk of breaking down the ink and then you have another problem.
    • If air vent or fan is turned on and off, move it so it isn't blowing on the press.
This could be a simple fix.

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